Social Networking

The phenomenon that is MySpace is nothing new.
Humans are extremely social creatures. I'm certain that back when my ancestors were Cro-Magnons there were social groups devoted to cave paintings. Course there was probably a social network that hated cave paintings as well. As we progressed we developed more complex social groups, from Catholicism to the Freemasons.

So is it any surprise that we would transplant our social natures into the virtual world? As we go about our lives we want to be a part of something more. As a community we have more power than we would as individuals.

I've been looking into Second Life recently because the concept of creating a virtual world has always been intriguing to me. I love the books by William Gibson and Neal Stephenson; and if you think the Wachowski Brothers came up with all the stuff in the Matrix on their own, you need schooling in a subject I like to call Neuromancer 101.

I'm getting off topic though..

What I'd like to create in Second Life would take a team of developers, so it looks like I need to work on creating some social networks of my own.

Here Endeth the Lesson