Are we going to see the XPod?

Rumors are persisting that Microsoft is going to enter the market of digital media players. However does Microsoft think it can compare to Apple's market share? I think Microsoft would do better to push portable devices like hybrid PDAs and cellphones that would allow streaming content from media providers. Sure being able to play your favorite tunes would be a function, but what about features like watching the most recent episode of 24?

Apple is moving in this direction with its partnerships with Disney / ABC and with Steve Jobs now a chairman of the board at Disney, most analysts can only see the licensing agreement between the two companies to increase.

Of course what this could mean is that you will only be able to view certain programs on various handhelds. This could be a potential downfall. The "networks" would do well to allow downloads of programs to whatever device no matter who manufactured it, but rather through a service similar to cable tv. Afterall I don't have to have multiple cable boxes to view different networks. Why should I have multiple software/hardware to do so on a portable machine.

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