And now for something completely different...

I've decided that I should probably get off
my political soapbox.

Recently Nikon has announced that it will be
steamlining its 35mm camera sales in response
to the ever-growing digital camera market.

"The measures that Nikon will adopt include
discontinuing production of all large format
Nikkor lenses and enlarging lenses, as well
as several of our film camera bodies, manual
focus Nikkor interchangeable lenses and related
accessories." Nikon

Now while I'm all for the camera industry
embracing digital mediums further, I think that
discontinuing the Nikkor lenses is probably
a mistake.

It seems to me that this is a move similar
to Eastman Kodak's downsizing last year
due to changes in the market.

More and more people are purchasing digital
cameras and printing them out on their own
printers, rather than having them developed.
I can't really blame either company for trying
to be more financially viable.