Silica - Be afraid...be very afraid!

Silica is a portable hacking device created by Immunity Inc., that can search for and join 802.11 (Wi-Fi) access points, scan other connections for open ports, and automatically launch code execution exploits from CANVAS, the company's flagship point-and-click attack tool that features hundreds of exploits, an automated exploitation system, and an exploit development framework.

Silica is designed to be used by penetration testers looking for security holes in a network. Justine Aitel, CEO of Immunity, demonstrated the device at the 2007 RSA Security Conference with alarming success.

Aitel said Immunity is careful to do due diligence when selling its products, which can fall into the wrong hands and end up being used for illegal purposes. "We don't sell to anonymous users. We make a fair effort to vet buyers and know where the money is coming from and who we're shipping to," she explained.

She said Immunity is taking orders for the $3,600 device, mostly from law enforcement agencies looking to do covert hacking on sensitive networks.

Future upgrades will include support for Bluetooth wireless connections, and GPS technology to pinpoint precise geographic locations of access points.

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