Windows Vista Woes

According to Ollie Whitehouse, a security researcher for Symantec, a feature that is supposed to protect a normal user from running harmful software may act as a Trojan for malware and viruses.

Now from this and previous posts you'd probably think I'm anti-Vista. I'm not against the new OS, I'm against bad software. All operating systems go through a period where all the bugs and kinks are worked out, Vista is no different.

What concerns me most though is that this is the second security vulnerability reported within the past few weeks. In addition I looked at an advert in the newspaper for BestBuy and CompUSA. All the systems they are advertising come with Vista pre-loaded. Now it may be possible to get a non Vista system at these stores, I haven't checked into that yet. However the general population doesn't know that the brand new computer they just bought may not be able to run the software that they want it to, as well as put their sensitive data at risk.

I guess if you need a new computer & you don't want the security risks of Vista, you'll have to pony up some more money and buy a full version of XP. Hopefully you'd be able to find someone to wipe the hard drive and install XP.

As technical savvy as I am, I wouldn't want to tackle that job.

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