SkyDrive Rebranding

Several developers at a recent Microsoft conference alluded that SkyDrive will be undergoing a rebranding. What they didn't say was what was motivating this rebranding.

In July of 2013, Ruppert Murdoch's British Sky Broadcasting and Microsoft settled a trademark dispute in which Sky asserted that Microsoft's SkyDrive brand infringed upon its trademarks. Rather than dispute the case, Microsoft entered into an agreement in which Sky will allow Microsoft to "continue using the SkyDrive name for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand". The monetary settlement to this agreement has been kept confidential.

So what is the new brand for SkyDrive going to be?

Its anyone's guess at this point but for certain the trademark lawyers at Microsoft should be doing a lot more due diligence since the Metro and now SkyDrive brand trademark disputes.

Here Endeth the Lesson